When talking with people about their questions on notes, it is sometimes difficult to properly explain concepts like time value of money, fair market value, or money vs. cash, in a short conversation.

Why and how notes are discounted cannot be covered in a quick chat. Someone who is knowledgeable in notes, and not afraid, will effectively utilize notes in their investments.  You will learn concepts to use when creating, exchanging, buying, and selling notes. This knowledge will relieve you of your fears and enhance your creation of wealth. The specific techniques that apply to these concepts can be found on the EDUCATION link.

It is not the purpose of the NOTE PROFESSOR to make you an expert, but to give you good working knowledge and awareness of the different avenues to creating and saving wealth. For example, although the NOTE PROFESSOR is not a tax advisor, there will be articles relating to tax consequences of dealing in notes and real estate. We will also delve into concept of real estate exchanging and exchanging techniques. This concept alone will save you thousands of dollars.

Would you like to know how an economy works, and how economic laws apply to real estate? The NOTE PROFESSOR will discuss these topics. You will be surprised at how economic laws are often contrary to what you read in the "expert" media. The Professor will teach you about the Federal Reserve Board, and how this agency strongly influences the real estate market, and the economy as a whole. Their actions will be discussed, so you can be better informed to make decisions.

The NOTE PROFESSOR NEWSLETTER will be discussing concepts such as risk vs. reward. You will learn techniques and methods of due diligence to increase your reward, while minimizing your risk. The difference between fair market value and appraised value will be examined, as well as the concept of equity.  Equity is a very important concept. Do you really know what it is and how to use it effectively?

The NOTE PROFESSOR NEWSLETTER  first  article is The Time Value of Money. This concept must be understood if you are going to be dealing in notes, real estate, or any form of investment.  Another prerequisite to understanding the various aspects of investing in real estate and notes is knowing the differences between Money, Cash and Notes, and how they relate to one another. The two topics will go hand in hand in helping you understand the investment world, and all the investments vehicles you can use to increase your wealth.

Click On the Education section, to immediately get practical wealth building techniques using notes and real estate.

We hope you enjoy the NOTE PROFESSOR NEWSLETTER.  Be sure to check the archives for past issues containing money making topics and techniques. If you have a topic you would like to discuss, or a comment, please contact the NOTE PROFESSOR. I would like to hear from you. NOW, read, learn and enjoy. 


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