Note Professor Newsletter
October 2006 Issue 16

Free Chat Room With Tom Henderson

I have been asked to be the guest speaker of www.magicbullet this Sunday, October 8th. The chat room will begin at 8:00 P. M. and last about an hour.

If you have questions regarding notes, be sure to register early at bin/chat/ and join in the fun, since I am not the world’s fastest typist, and the questions come in hot and heavy. See ya there.

Apartment Buying Made Simple
SEMINAR Dallas Tx   October 14 and 15

Apartment Buying Made Simple with Tom Henderson. Tom Henderson will be teaching you the basic skills of how to analyze income producing property.
The value of income producing property is based on INCOME or Cash Flow, not comps.

Tom will take the mystery out of how much to pay for apartments. Buying income property can produce fortunes in a very short amount of time. Whether you are looking for cash flow or instant obscene profits, once you understand the basics, you will have the skills necessary to determine which apartments to purchase, which to pass on.

You do not need to spend thousands for extensive boot camps. Tom teaches you the basic concepts and provides you with check lists, where you can instantly know what you will offer for any apartment house, whether it be a 4-plex or over 100 units.

You can be acting out of knowledge and confidence. Rather than deals passing you by, you will know which deals to let go by, and which deals to jump on.

A 2 day event : 10/14/2006 Saturday 9am- 5 and 10/15/2006 Sunday 1-5pm
How to get Rich with Notes
SEMINAR Dallas Tx   October 21 and 22

How to get Rich with Notes with Tom Henderson

After completing this workshop, you will be heads and shoulders above the “wanna be investor”.

You will be able to put deals together, that others would have passed by. This means money in your pocket.

Register early to receive your manual prior to class.


A 2 day event 10/21/2006 Saturday 9am- 12 and10/22/2006 Sunday 1-5pm.
Creating a Note on other Real Estate
by Tom Henderson   A No Money Down Technique np
Here is a chapter from THE NOTE PROFESSOR NOTEBOOK, and a powerful technique that will be explained in more detail in CREATING A NOTE ON OTHER REAL ESTATE-- A NO MONEY DOWN TECHNIQUE.

Often when you find a motivated seller, you can arrange to create a note against other property that you own, and use this note for the down payment, or perhaps even for the entire amount of the purchase price. For example, if you own several rent houses with equity, you can create a note against one, or maybe all (blanket mortgage) and offer this as a down payment, or the entire purchase price for a larger property. With built in discount clauses, when you refinance or sell the property, you will put even more money in your pocket. Here is what a typical deal would look like.

Walt and Wendy Wannasell have a house they inherited this is in worse than terrible condition. You know that once rehabbed, you can sell the property for a handsome profit. You can pick up the property for $50,000. Your problem is that you have no money at this time, but do have a couple of rent houses with $25,000 equity each. What can you offer?

Several techniques can be used in this scenario. First, you could create a $50,000 note against both of your rent houses for the entire purchase price. Would you put in built in discounts? You bet your sweet deed of trust you will. When you rehab and sell the property, the $50,000 note against your rent houses will be removed.

Another successful method is to create a note against one or both of your houses for $25,000, and have ole Walt and Wendy carry back a note for $25,000. If Walt and Wendy are reluctant to take all paper, since you plan to rehab the property and sell it, you might even put a two year balloon on the note, they are carrying back. Then try for a built in discount if paid off earlier. ALWAYS TRY FOR A BUILT IN DISCOUNT.

Often when sellers see that you are putting something up at risk, (one or more of your rent houses), they will be more receptive to all paper deals. This technique is being done frequently by expert investors.

This is a very powerful way of using your equity without refinancing. Refinancing? I did not mention that method. Or did I just mention it?

As always, consult a CPA or attorney before doing any real estate or paper deals.

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