H & P Capital Investments LLC
Issue 38
August 2008
The Lottery and Notes
by Tom Henderson

Many have a misconception in which they equate the face value of a note as actually having cash in the bank. Having this false belief, then trying to sell your note in the open market brings frustration when you, the Note Holder are offered something less than face value for your note. You will exclaim, "I have a good note which paying on time. I should get full value, right"? Let's look a situation.

For example, you sold a house for $105,000 with $5,000 down and carried a note for $100,000, for 30 years at 6% interest, with payments of $599.55 a month. Do you have $100,000 cash? NO!!!. You have a PROMISE to pay $599.55 a month for the next 360 months. This is NOT THE SAME AS $100,000 CASH!

A good analogy would be the Texas Lottery. As of this writing, the Lottery touts a jackpot of $4,000,000. Then in the same breath, the lottery commission lets you know the CASH VALUE is $2.5 Million. What was omitted is the fact that the $4 Million is paid out over 25 years. This is the same as a note. Is it becoming clear that the $4 Million Jackpot is not $4 Million Immediate Cash, but annual payments over 25 years? If you choose to take the cash value of $2.5 Million NOW, you have in essence sold your $4 Million "note payments" for a discount. In other words, the IMMEDIATE CASH VALUE of $4,000,000 paid over 25 years is not the same as $4 Million CASH.

If you put these figures into a financial calculator, you will find the "note buyer" is receiving a 4% yield. Not bad for a virtually guaranteed payment. Did you notice the discount? Pretty hefty, wasn't it? Why? Because the annual payments were 0 % interest, and the "note buyer" wanted a 4% yield. The 4% spread translated into a hefty discount.

Along the same lines, did you notice the small yield was reflective of the risk being taken. Being paid by the State of Texas has virtually no risk. The same cannot be said of an individual paying on a real estate note. "But Tom, if my note goes into default, you can foreclose on the property and get your money back", you say. You would think so, but reality tells a different story.

Take the $100,000 note in the above example. Not even taking into consideration the declining values of real estate, or melt down of real estate financing, if you are forced to foreclose, you are not going to get the house back in the same condition it was sold. One statistic shows there is an average of $12,000 of repairs needed on all foreclosed homes. This statistic does not include intentional destruction or vandalism. An investor told me he had to foreclose on a house, and his payors had poured cement down the toilette. Another prominent note buyer tells me it is not uncommon to find all the copper wiring, plumbing and carpet to be taken out of foreclosed houses. In buying promises to pay, all these factors must be taken into consideration. Remember, the Note Buyer is not buying cash, but promises to pay. If that promise is not kept, chances are the house is not going to be in pristine condition it was sold.

In my July 2007 Issue of THE NOTE PROFESSOR NEWSLETTER, I demonstrated how using owner financing to get a "higher price" is not the same as getting more money. I strongly suggest you revisit this issue to see and grasp the concept that a promise to pay in the future is not the same as cash in hand.

The point of this issue is to dispel the belief that a note is the same as cash in hand. It is not. It is merely a promise to pay in the future. This promise to pay is NOT the same as the face value of the note, but is related to the risk and interest rate. This is true whether the note is a $4 Million Jackpot paid out in 25 yearly installments or $100,000 note with 360 monthly payments. Both have CASH VALUES that are less than the face value.

If you are selling your property using owner financing, please contact me. I will help you structure your note to give it maximum value in today's market.

If you have a question on your note or a Note to convert to cash, contact me
I will be happy to discuss your specifics.

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by Tom Henderson
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There is nothing since the last issue that gives any encouragement the financial melt down is in a final stage, no matter what the "experts" say. In fact, we have seen only the tip of the iceberg. These "experts" were the ones saying "it is only temporary" over a year ago. Remember, the price of real estate is directly proportional to the financing available, and financing is starting to dry up. The Federal Reserve auctioned off another $17 Billion to try to keep banks solvent. Because bubbles are caused by inflated credit, for the economic correction to be complete, look for more bank failures, as the inflated credit translates into defaulted loans of all types If one of the "biggies" gets into trouble, things could get real chaotic, real quick. Even small bank failures will put more pressure on liquidity. These institutional failures will require tax payer money to bail out not only banks, but the FDIC. With Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac being technically insolvent, it looks likely the Feds will have to bail them out. There just is not enough money to cover these losses. It is that simple. When Fed prints money, or the government borrows money, this has the effect of either devaluing the dollar, or taking money out of production that could be used for financing everything from houses to washing machines. All of these pressures indicate that interest rat es are artificially low, and will have to rise soon. This will cause real estate prices to fall, as well as note values.

Recommendation: Buy right and have a good exit strategy. If you purchase real estate, buy will all cash at extreme discounts, like foreclosures or TAX SALES, or get in with nothing down, with the ability to walk away with the minimum exposure. My favorite technique is to buy free and clear houses using owner financing. This gives the best of both worlds. You can dictate the amount you have invested in the property, and have control of your exit strategy. I will be discussing this and other issues on September 9th if you have questions. (See "Tom Speaks" above).
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