Issue XIII - July - September, 2005

100% For Your Note….IT JUST AIN'T SO

I get amused at the calls I get from note sellers that will start out the conversation by "warning" me they have already been offered 100% for their note, but want to know what I will give. (If you can get 100% face value for your note, why are you calling me…or anybody else for that matter!!!)

Usually, one of two situations are happening here. The first situation is that they have NOT been offered 100% for their note, but are trying to con me into believing they have found Sugar Daddy. Or perhaps they saw an ad or a flyer claiming "100% and Higher For Your Note". More>>

Classifications of Liens

When you start getting into the world of real estate, you will almost always run across a lien of some sort, since few properties are owned free and clear, or with out encumbrances of some sort. It will be helpful to know the different classifications of liens, and how it might affect your buying a note, or purchasing a property.

Note can be divided into four categories:

1. Voluntary These are liens that were put on properties with consent of the owner. These will be specific types of liens that include deed of trust, mortgage, mechanic lien contract, home equity security agreement, and owelty lien More>>

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Definition: LIBOR RATE

       LIBOR is the most widely used benchmark or reference rate for short term interest rates. LIBOR stands for the London Interbank Offered Rate and is the rate of interest at which banks could borrow funds from other banks, in marketable size, in the London interbank market.


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