Issue XV - April - June, 2006

Advanced Technique of Different Terms

Many who have taken my notes class want me to give an advanced class. Here is an advanced technique that can make you a bundle. In my section of the THE NOTE PROFESSOR NOTEBOOK, I explain how wraps are actually a gift because you will be earning interest on money you did not loan out. The simple example I used is where you sold a property for $100,000 with 10% down, with an underlying lien of $70,000 @ 7% with 180 months remaining. Instead of carrying back a second of $20,000 @ 10%, you wrapped your second lien around the $70,000 for the same 180 months. More>>

"Fair Market Value"

This is a term we use everyday, especially in the field of real estate. We might use different names, like "market value", ARV (after repair value) or "market price". What we do not acknowledge is that all three words are subjective and have different meanings to different individuals. We also mistakenly interchange value for price. Here I am only going to talk about "market".We will use all sorts of ways to measure "fair market value". One method is to pay high dollars for a third party "expert" opinion in the form of an appraisal. This process has been "standardized" with set procedures that are "recognized" as being trustworthy. It is here we learn that there are different concepts the appraiser uses to determine what a property is worth in terms of dollars. More>>

Learn to Earn......
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Tom Teaches Notes

Tom will be repeating his class on owner financing, on Saturday June 24th and Sunday June 25th, on HOW TO GET RICH WITH NOTES. This class is limited to 20. For under $200, you will learn what a similar "boot camp" in Austin teaches that costs thousands. You will also get THE NOTE PROFESSOR NOTEBOOK as a learning tool. This will be the last time this course will be offered this year, at this price.

Go to for details. Or call Joele at (972) 671-7346


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