H & P Capital Investments LLC
Issue 36
June 2008
Best Way to Pay Off a Note Early
by Tom Henderson

One of my readers asked me this question, "Is converting my conventional mortgage to a Bi-Weekly Plan the best way to pay my mortgage off early?" I always ask, "Is this my only choice?" This is not only a time value of money question, but also a question of how time consuming, and the difficulty of setting up a bi-weekly schedule, as compared to other methods of paying off your mortgage early. As with any time value of money question, your calculator will help you make a decision. Let's look at a typical mortgage 15 year note, and compare different methods of paying of the mortgage.

Loan Amount : $200,000
Date of Loan : 1/01/08
Interest : 8%
Payment Amt : $1,911,30
First Payment : 2/01/2008
# of Payments: 180
Total Payments: $344,035
Total Interest : $144,035

Loan Amount : $200,000
Date of Loan: 1/01/08
Interest : 8%
Payment Amt : $955.65
First Payment : 1/15/2008
# of Payments: 336
Total Payments : $321.225
Total Interest: $121,225

No doubt the Bi-Weekly will save you money, but let's look at it another way.

Let's break it down to yearly data.
$955.65 X 26 = $24,847
$1,911.30 x 12 = -$22,936
Extra Yr Payment : $ 1,911

Under the Bi-Weekly you make the equivalent of one extra monthly payment a year.
Let's divide this extra year's payment by 12 months = $159.29
Add to the regular monthly payment of $1911.30
Total real monthly Payment $2,070.59

If we put this new data into our calculator, we discover the total number of payments has been reduced from 180 to 156.

By adding $159 to monthly payment of the conventional mortgage the total payout is $321,800 by the end of its term. The total bi-weekly payout remains $321,225 by the end of its term. This is only a $575 difference when all is said and done.

Now you have to ask yourself, "Is it worth the time and trouble to make all those extra payments to save only $575 over 13 years?" Also, be aware that paying every two weeks means there are going to be some months where you have 3 payments. (Bi Weekly is NOT the same as twice a month)

For me, I would rather just have the option of making $159 OR MORE a month extra on my monthly payments, rather than being bothered to have to write a check out every two weeks. This is not to mention if things get tight, I can always just make my regular monthly payments and still keep my credit in good standing. On a biweekly schedule you do not have this option.

For a little calculator practice play around with making a full extra payment once a year. This will amaze you as to how fast your loan gets paid off. The wonders of compound interest and the time value of money can work for you or against you. Those who understand the time value of money collect interest; those that do not pay interest. If you have a topic you want to discuss, or have a note to sell, please "contact me".

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