Issue V - January/February, 2004

How To Structure a Note To Sell at Closing

The Note Professor has discussed the importance of the people and their credit worthiness. Then the Note Professor discussed the paper or the note, and how to properly structure the terms to get the maximum value. Last, but by all means, not least, the Note Professor is going to discuss the collateral, or the property, and its relationship to the note.

In the note buying industry, equity is king. High equity will heal many ills in a note. Many consider the property the most important element when purchasing a note. After all, in the final analysis, it is the property that gives the note its ultimate value. More>>

NOTE PROFESSOR NOTEBOOK Is For Real Estate Investors

Did you know that the wealth building techniques in THE NOTE PROFESSOR NOTEBOOK will teach you not only the value of a note, but, also if a real estate investment is a good deal. By using the powerful knowledge of being able to instantly analyze a property, successful investors can easily predict their yield, or rate of return, long before making an offer. So can you! THE NOTE PROFESSOR NOTEBOOK shows you how.

For example, you purchase a house for $45,000 cash, and put in another $5,000 to fix it up, for a total of $50,000. More>>

Learn to Earn......

Definition: Lis Pendens
     A legal notice recorded to show pending litigation relative to real property. This public notification is putting the world at notice that any subsequent interest in the property may be bound by the outcome of the litigation.

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