Issue XI - January, February, March, 2005

BUSTING the BALLOON by Making Change.


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Here is another powerful technique in dealing with a balloon payment. It is especially effective when dealing with income property. Instead of having only one large balloon payment, make change and create several small balloon payments.  More>>

Is There a lawyer in the house

In this edition of the NOTE PROFESSOR NEWSLETTER, I am going to interview a real estate attorney. I am going to ask some questions that were sent me by some of you. So let's get to it. May I present Gaylene Rogers Lonergan. Gaylene is an attorney who is Board Certified in Commercial Real Estate Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. As a caveat so neither Gaylene nor I get sued, the information given is meant to be general knowledge only, and not intended to be giving legal advice. More>>

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Definition: Mortgagee
      One who holds a lien on a property. Also known as note holder, payee or beneficiary.

      One who pledges property for security of a loan that is owed. . Also known as payor.

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