Issue VII - May / June, 2004

Tales of "Tails"

I was talking with a person yesterday who had purchased a couple of articles in THE NOTE PROFESSOR NOTEBOOK. He told me he had no idea what the article HAPPY "TAILS" TO YOU was about. "Ouch!!!" I said. Perhaps there are more who are missing these opportunities, because they do know they exist.

I guess I need to start out by explaining what a "partial" is. A partial is when you sell a "part" of your note, and not the entire note. There are several ways to accomplish this; for example you can sell any portion of a ten year only 60 payments. Or you can sell a percentage of the monthly payments themselves; such as $125 of a $250 monthly payment. More>>

Lose Time and Lose Money

We keep hearing about the time value of money. No doubt the concept can make us rich. However, did you know there is such a concept as the MONEY VALUE OF TIME. And not just money in the currency sense, but money in the value of life sense. Here is a brilliant little article someone handed me this week. It applies not only to our financial affairs, but to our every day lives. Just food for thought.
                           The Bank of Time
If you had a bank that credited your account each morning with $86,400, but carried over no balances from day to day, allowed you to keep no cash in your account, and every morning cancelled whatever part of the amount you had failed to use during the day - what would you do? More>>

Learn to Earn......
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Definition: QUIET TITLE
     An action at law to remove an adverse claim or cloud from the title of property. The court decree obtained is a "Quiet Title" decree.

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