Issue X - November / December, 2004

The Business of Business Notes

This past month I have gotten several calls from people wanting to sell their business, carry back a note, then sell their note at closing, or shortly after. They are then appalled at discovering it is easier to swim Lake Superior with rocks on their backs than to sell a business note at closing, and when the note is sold, there is a deeper discount than discounts on real estate notes. In this issue I am going to give the nutshell version of business notes.. what you can expect, and what not to expect.

First of all, remember that when selling a business, especially without real estate, and take back a note, the collateral is not near as secure as with real estate. More>>


There is a great deal of misconceptions about buying and selling real estate using notes, and owner financing, and using the concepts of the time value of money. You will hear many say that deals involving owner financing and notes, is not feasible today because of the easiness people can borrow money to fund a real estate purchase. While this might be somewhat true if you are talking about brokering notes, (and even here, the deals are still out there), when speaking of buying and disposing of property, using creative note techniques is being done every day by those who know how to apply the time value of money concepts. More>>

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