Issue II - September, 2003

What Can You Do to get RICH With Notes?

In today's market where "flipping is the in thing", owner financing is neglected as a powerful method of getting rich. Usually a note is thought about when you sell your property, take back a note; then sell your note at closing, and this is done only as a last resort to close the deal. Although this is a very basic deal closing technique, it is only the tip of the iceberg in making mucho money using the power of notes. More>>

Time Value of Money Can Make You Rich
(Continued Part II)

Let's review a little from the last issue. Remember that the time value of money (TVM) is nothing more than the longer you have to wait in the future for your money, the less it is worth today. Another way of saying this is money today has more value than money received in the future. This is something we instinctively know. If I give you a dollar today, that dollar would have more value, than if I give you the same dollar a year from now.

Next, let's review the five variables we use to quantify TVM. More>>

note knowledge is power...


Definition: Beneficiary
From a note perspective this refers to the entity who has the rights to receive the payments on a note. The words "mortgagee", "holder" and "payee" are often used to mean the same thing. When looking up notes on deeds of trust, you will often see "beneficiary" rather than "payee" as being listed.
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