Issue I - August, 2003

Welcome to the first edition to the NOTE PROFESSOR NEWSLETTER. This newsletter is original and produced monthly. The NOTE PROFESSOR will introduce you to various concepts of utilizing notes, as well as specific money making techniques. This is not a get rich quick format, although learning these concepts and applying them to everyday life will increase your wealth. This is more of an education format, where you can better understand notes and investment in the real estate world.

The NOTE PROFESSOR NEWSLETTER is the result of receiving numerous questions about notes, and how to invest in real estate. More>>

Time Value of Money and How It Can Make You Rich

Before you start throwing your arms in the air and start gasping with anxiety, and thinking you are going to have to be a math wiz, just relax. Time Value of Money (TVM) is a simple concept that you use everyday, without realizing it. In a nutshell, TVM is the value placed on a dollar today as opposed to the value placed on a dollar at some future point in time. My gosh, that sounds complicated and mathematical. Not at all. A common example of TVM is a lottery. In a lottery, you are given a choice of receiving $1 million over a 25-year period, or $500 thousand cash today. Which would you prefer? More>>


Definition: Inflation
An increase in the volume of money and credit relative to available goods and services resulting in a continuing rise in the general price level.

Inflation is an increased, or inflated, money supply. The Federal Reserve Board, along with the media will lead you to believe that inflation is a general rise in prices. This is NOT TRUE. A general rise in prices is an effect of inflation, not a definition or cause. What the Federal Reserve Board, commonly known as the Fed, is trying to hide, is the fact that the Fed controls the supply of money into the economy, and therefore, causes inflation. Inflation is a hidden tax that devalues our wealth and undermines free trade. More>>

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