Realtors Are You Losing Sales?

Are your commissions shrinking because you are losing sales and not closing deals for any of the following reasons?

  • Buyer is self employed and cannot meet stringent lender requirements
  • Buyer has bruised credit
  • Buyer's income to debt ratio does not meet lender requirments
  • Listing runs out and seller needs to sell fast

Having the owner carry back a note, and selling the note at or near closing has become an acceptable and time proven method of solving these problems. This translates in more closings, which results in more commissons.

Advantages to seller.

  • More potential buyers and marketability of property
  • Faster closings
  • Less "red tape" of qualifying buyer
  • Greater flexibility
  • Higher sales price
  • Cash at closings

Advantages to buyers.

  • No points
  • No PMI
  • No loan origination fees
  • No pre-payment penalty
  • No nonsense eligibility requirements
  • More flexibility

Because of the flexibility that owner financing provides, H&P Capital Investments LLC can help structure the seller financed note to meet the needs of both seller and buyer. We can "tailor" a program to solve any problem. The buyer will get the property, the seller will get the cash, and you will earn a commission that would have otherwise slipped through your fingers.

The advantages to you, the REALTOR:

  • More closings
  • More commissions
  • More referals which leads to more listings
  • Being known as a problems solver

H&P Capital Investments can help close those "hard to close" deals. We have programs that can be fitted to solve almost any problem. Call or email us, and we will be eager to show you how H&P Capital Investments LLC can put more dollars in your pocket by helping you close more deals.