About Us

Tom Henderson

Tom graduated from Texas A&M University in Commerce with a degree in Economics and Finance. An emphasis in economics and finance made a perfect match for entering the field of real estate and financing.

Tom began his real estate career in the 1980's in the complex field of exchanging real estate. It was here where Tom was introduced into area of creative financing and real estate notes. Investing in real estate for almost a quarter of a century, Tom is well versed in "no money" techniques, and creative financing. He is well known for sharing his knowledge freely.

Tom got his first note education from John Berven in 1980. In his class were such notables as Robert Allen and John Behle. Tom learned from the best, with the best.

Because of his no nonsense, creative techniques, Tom receives calls nationwide asking for his advice and expertise. Tom is a sought after speaker and writer, who teaches powerful, "money in your pocket" methods of acquiring and disposing of real estate. His specialty is owner finance notes, and applying the wonders of time value of money as a practical vehicle for creating wealth. Tom is famous for turning "poor quality" notes into astronomical yields, and his ability to satisfy both the buyers' and sellers' needs through owner financing.

Tom presently is president of H&P Capital Investments LLC, which is a successful company that purchases owner financed notes. Because of his expertise and hard work, Tom can put together note transactions that others will pass on.

Please contact Tom, whether you are needing advice on how to structure your note, or merely to ask how the note selling process works. Tom will be happy to hear from you.